Peter HessŪ Klangmassage

The i-Qi clock uses Peter HessŪ Singing Bowls for the sounds.

Peter HessŪ therapy singing bowls are unique in their sound and quality, their spectrum of frequency corresponds to the therapeutic range of application. Peter HessŪ therapy singing bowls are the result of over 20 years of experience with sound massage and much research.

The i-Qi clock uses 3 Peter HessŪ Therapy Singing Bowls, these are...

1. The large heart bowl
The large heart bowl weighs about 1300 grams.The diameter of the bowl is around 21-22 cm , the height around 8,5cm. The sound of this bowl varies depending on the mallet used. Its frequencies especially appeal to the upper body parts. The large heart bowl was developed with professional use in mind. This bowl is made out of 12 metals.

2. The small pelvis bowl
The small pelvis bowl weighs about 1500 grams.The diameter of this bowl is around 25,5 cm, the height aorund 10 cm.This singing bowl provides a range of sounds for the lower body, which can vary depending on mallet used. Using a large (soft) mallet it will emit low frequencies while if struck with a medium hard mallet the frequencies will be suitable for the solar plexus (above belly button).This bowl is made off 12 metals.

3. XL-Singing Bowl (foot bowl)
A large bowl weighing between three and 14 kilograms and is made out of 12 metals. In physical therapy bowls of about six to eight kilograms are used. The clients can stand inside of the singing bowl and experience vibrations this way. It is often used as introduction to a session but also specifically to stimulate blood circulation, treat spinal injuries or energize.

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